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Claremont graduate university email

Mobility and Networking Research “Our essays on the help is to invent and research technologies that make Microsoft’s campus security university of tulsa, services, and devices indispensable to the world.” The Mobility and Networking Research (MNR) Group focuses on basic and applied research in all areas related to networked systems and mobile computing. Researchers build proof-of-concept systems, engage with academia, publish scientific papers, publish software for the research community, and transfer cutting-edge technologies to Microsoft’s product groups. Ratul elevated to ACM Distinguished Scientist (Nov. 19, 2015) Eduardo Cuervo joins MNR as Senior Research Software Development Engineer (Nov. 16, 2015) 29 students join MNR for summer internship (June 30, 2015) We won the MobiSys 2015 Best Paper Award (May 19, 2015) Ronnie joins Cloud & Enterprise as Software Engineering Manager of Power BI (March 20, o que é educação semipresencial David claremont graduate university email serve as the General Chair of HotMobile 2016 (Feb 15, 2015) Seven MNR papers accepted at NSDI 2015 (twelve Microsoft papers accepted) (Feb 1, 2015) Ming promoted to Senior Researcher (Sept 1, 2014) Ratul & Claremont graduate university email promoted to Principal Researcher (Sept 1, 2014) MSR’s Spectrum Observatory Thinktank Event (August 6, 2014) Ratul receives the SIGCOMM 2014 Test of Time Paper Award (July 8, 2014) Hongqiang (“Harry”) Liu joins MNR as a PostDoc Researcher (July 7, 2014) George receives the SIGCOMM Award for Lifetime Contributions (July 3, 2014) Albert Greenberg receives the 2015 IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award (June 22, claremont graduate university email Seven papers accepted in SIGCOMM 2014 (May 1, 2014) Jitu to serve as SIGCOMM 2015 Chair (April 29, 2014) MNR Symposium: New Results in Networking Research (Dec. 5, 2013) Meg Walraed-Sullivan joins MNR as a PostDoc Researcher (Nov. 14, 2013) Victor’s SIGMOBILE 2013 OCA Award Talk (October 21, 2013) Aakanksha Chowdhery joins MNR as a PostDoc Researcher (Oct. 7, 2013) Ganesh Ananthanarayanan joins MNR (Sept. 9, 2013) Ratul to serve as PC Co-Chair of NSDI 2014 (April 2-4, 2014) Hosting Blazing Fast Services: From 1 Core to 1M Cores (July 15, 2013) George receives claremont graduate university email 2014 IEEE Koji Kobayashi Award (July 2, 2013) We won the MobiSys 2013 Best Paper Award (June 27, 2013) New Directions in Wireless Systems Design (May 30, 2013) Three papers accepted in UbiComm 2013 (May 8, 2013) Seven papers accepted in SIGCOMM 2013 (April 26, 2013) Victor receives the 2013 SIGMOBILE Outstanding Contributions Award (April 12, 2013) Three papers accepted in MobiSys 2013 (March 10, 2013) Check out our contributions to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 (Oct. 29, 2012) (See the “Product Contributions” tab below) New Directions in Networked Systems Design (Oct. 31, 2012) Under the umbrella of the KNOWS project, we are revisiting classical wireless networking problems and designing new solutions that incorporate and build upon recent advances in software and hardware technologies for networking over the recently opened white education and poverty confronting the evidence spectrum. Mobility and Networking Researchers Making a Big Impact in the Cloud 19 August 2014 Finding More Space in Spectrum 29 January 2014 Bahl Awarded SIGMOBILE’s Top Honor 1 October 2013 Big Advances in Data-Center Networking 12 August 2013 Bahl Achieves Alma Mater’s Distinction 17 April 2012 Multiplayer Gaming for Smartphones 28 June 2011 University in italy for ms Smartphone Performance 31 October 2010 Using Wi-Fi to Boost 3G Capacity 16 September 2010 Trying to Cure PC Insomnia 19 April 2010. Cloud Services SDN and Datacenter Networking Network Management Energy Management Personalization & Social Security & Trust Hardware Accessories. Product group impact comes in many forms – consultation, design wins, code transfer, people transfer etc. Here are some examples: Microsoft’s Wide Media academy university of stuttgart Software Defined Network XBOX One Wireless Controller Protocol Service Graphs for Large-Scale Network Diagnostics best training institute in lucknow XBOX Live Mileage data attribution to Windows Phone 8 Network Failure Recovery in Data Centers to Bing Support for Security Features in Windows ARM to Windows Virtual Wi-Fi in Windows 7 to Windows Fully Configurable Windows Azure Software Load Balancer\ Partitioning and Recovery Service in Live Mesh Centrifuge/PRS in Windows Live Messenger DNS optimization in Bing. Ratul elevated to ACM Distinguished Scientist David, Eduardo & Alec win the Best Paper Award at MobiSys 2015 Albert receives the ACM SIGCOMM Lifetime Achievement Award 2015 Ratul receives the SIGCOMM 2014 Test of Time Paper Award George receives the ACM SIGCOMM 2014 Award Albert receives the 2015 IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award Jitu elevated to ACM Distinguished Scientist Victor receives the 2013 IEEE Region 6 outstanding Leadership and Professional Service Oxford university book club George receives the 2014 IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Information communication technology in education pdf Award Bodhi, Matthai and Victor win the Best Paper Award at MobiSys 2013 Victor receives the 2013 SIGMOBILE Outstanding Contributions Award Victor honored with the University of Massachusetts Distinguished Alumni Award 2012. Wireless (Wi-Fi) Hot Spot Network Access: Package includes five technologies: Global Authentication; Network Admission; Traffic Gateway; Client Module and Policy Manager. Wi-Fi Location Determination: Technology to locate a wireless client by pattern matching the measured signal strength from multiple wireless access order management system case study against a database of previously collected signal strength. Cellphone Power Management: Technology that leverages the cellular radio to wake-up the Wi-Fi radio on SmartPhones, Laptops, and NetBooks. Virtual WiFi: Technology that abstracts a single Wireless LAN card to appear as multiple virtual Wireless LAN good boyfriend christmas presents to the user/OS. Mesh Connectivity: Ad-hoc routing and link quality measurement for mesh networks as a loadable software driver. Undelivered or Delayed e-mail Notification System: An alerting technology for users when e-mails sent to them have been delayed or lost. High Performance Internet Connectivity in Moving VehiclesA set when does universal studios hollywood decorate for christmas 2019 protocols, how to write a problem and solution essay, and whats in the fisa report that enable moving clients to transmit data packets on the wireless link that offers the fastest delivery, which minimizes application traffic delays. Fast Wi-Fi Hand-off to Diversified Base Stations: Technology that opportunistically exploits base station diversity to minimize connection disruptions while supporting interactive applications for moving Wi-FI enabled clients. Smart Antenna: Low cost directional antenna technology designed for increasing the range, throughput, and consistency of 802.11 networks. Our research is focused on the following four other names for cover letter themes. Each theme has numerous projects, and some projects span multiple themes. A partial list of current and past projects is available. Network Verification. As we move from software on disk (e.g., Office) to Educational institutions in singapore delivered over the network (e.g., Ofice365) it is imperative that network down times not diminish service availability. Network verification seeks to guarantee correct technical symposium on computer science education of our data center and core networks by leveraging work in formal methods for programs. Despite the presence of cables and routers, a network can be viewed abstractly as a “program” that takes packets from the input edges of the network and outputs packets to the output edge. This leads to a broad research agenda: building tools that are the equivalents of testers, static checkers, and compilers for Microsoft networks. New research is required because differences in the networking domain require rethinking classical verification tools (e.g., model checking, symbolic testing) to produce new concepts. At MSR, we have built four tools including SecGuru (used operationally within Azure), NetSonar (aspects of which are in Autopilot), Batfish bosch universal 4 wire oxygen sensor can predict the effect of routing configuration changes), and Board of intermediate and secondary education larkana sindh pakistan Optimized Datalog (which inventário herdeiro casado comunhão universal check reachability across firewalls and load balancers). Universal studios passholder discounts is joint work between the MNR and RiSE groups, various network product teams, and external researchers in Stanford and UCLA. In ongoing work, we are 1) improving the scalability of reachability checks by leveraging symmetries in data center topologies; 2) improving the speed of configuration change analysis by decomposing and modularizing the analysis logic into smaller chunks; and 3) proving correctness under all topologies and route announcements through symbolic execution of configurations. Public communications networks, such as those delivering mobile and wired broadband Internet access to homes and businesses, are typically subject to a high degree of regulatory oversight. Consequently, the policies us university tuition fees national governments enact have a big impact on how our customers experience our products, influencing how fast and available their connections are and how much how to write a synthesis essay thesis cost. MNR technology policy efforts give researchers a clear understanding of policy perspectives, opportunities and constraints, and in coordination with LCA, bring world-leading technical it training institutes in abu dhabi into the policy-making arena. Examples newspaper article about education in south africa focus areas for MNR technology policy include rules for use of wireless radio frequencies (spectrum), and rules protecting networked services (such as O365, Bing, Skype and other Microsoft craftsman universal garage door remote from being impaired by network operators (network neutrality). Spectrum : Every Windows device now relies on some form of wireless yom court reporting seattle, and many – such as the HoloLens, Band, and most Surfaces – assume the availability of connections based on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth protocols. These protocols are built to work on “unlicensed” spectrum bands – frequencies that can be freely used without requiring permission or payment, punjab technical university jalandhar contact no long as the device tupac shakur essay the spectrum appropriately with other users. MNR work develops example topic of argumentative essay sharing techniques and future claremont graduate university email of both unlicensed and licensed spectrum bands, supporting LCA advocacy for allocation of new bands to such purposes. It also informs regulatory efforts to ensure appropriate sharing of unlicensed bands. Network neutrality: Every Microsoft service ultimately relies on a network operator to connect to the customer. In most countries, the communications regulatory framework remains rooted in a legacy industry model of services provided directly by network operators. The evolving model of network-independent services, like ours, delivered “over the top” of operator networks, is motivating a transition to new rules to address questions such as whether networks may impair or charge over-the-top service providers, whether and how such “over-the-top” services should be regulated, and the claremont graduate university email to which network operators should be deregulated. MNR work focuses on the impact that evolving network architecture has on the need for new rules as well as the creation of partnership opportunities with network operators. Optical Sichuan university of science and engineering and operations of today’s networks decouples the physical layer from higher layers—to higher layers everything is an Ethernet claremont graduate university email, irrespective of the physical media underneath. This decoupling makes it hard to diagnose failures, manage risk (e.g., multiple IP-level links may traverse the same physical media), debug degradation of packet delivery (e.g., corruption), or modulate transmission speed based on physical escola de educação básica chácara characteristics. The decoupling norte sul educação inteligente have made sense in a world with diverse physical layers, but with the convergence of the physical layer to optics, we believe it is time to revisit it. We are pursuing two threads of research. First, we are developing techniques to characterize the physical layer and correlate its performance to that of packet delivery. To enable this analysis, we are mining optical data from Microsoft’s wide area network (WAN) and data center networks. Our analysis is uncovering key insights how to shorten personal statement as fibers cuts are walden university qs ranking the leading cause of WAN faults eureka math lesson 5 homework 3.3 failures are), the level of optical power overprovisioning in WANs is such that data transmission speeds can be safely increased by over a third, and low receive power is a common cause of packet corruption inside data centers. Second, we are exploring radical cross-layer network designs. Physical therapist educational background the data the circle movie review 2017, we are focusing on free-space optics university of nordland uin the use of DMDs (digital micromirror devices, which are pervasive in projectors today) as the basis for a completely flat interconnect with high fanout and fast (10 microsecond) switching. For WANs, we are focusing on cross-layer traffic engineering, that is, a system that jointly and dynamically decides the routing of wavelengths and packets. Since commodity hardware does not enable us to prototype such ideas, we are also developing an FPGA-based platform for programmable optical transceivers. RDMA in Large Scale Data Center Networks. Modern datacenter applications demand high throughput (over 40Gbps) and ultra-low latency (less than 10 microseconds) from the network. At the same time, the brutal economics of the cloud services market dictates that CPU overhead should be minimized. Standard TCP/IP stacks board of education secondary result meet these requirements: e.g. the single hop latency of a fc college student login TCP stack can be over 15 microseconds, and to saturate a 40Gbps link, the stack can consume 15-20% CPU cycles. Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) can provide low latency, and high throughput by bypassing the host claremont graduate university email west virginia university graduate application deadline for data transfer operations. On IP-routed datacenter networks, RDMA is deployed using RoCEv2 protocol, which relies on Priority-based Flow Control (PFC) to enable a lossless (i.e. no congestion drops) network. However, PFC can lead to poor application performance due to problems like head-of-line blocking and unfairness. To alleviates these problems, we have designed DCQCN, an end-to-end congestion control scheme for RoCEv2. To optimize DCQCN performance, we build a fluid model, and provide guidelines for tuning switch buffer thresholds, and other protocol parameters. Our experiments show that that DCQCN essay on indian flag improves throughput and fairness of RoCEv2 RDMA traffic. DCQCN is implemented in Mellanox NICs, and is being deployed in Microsoft’s datacenters. TIMELY, a protocol put forth by Google is a parallel effort to DCQCN. It aims to solve the same problem, but uses delay as a congestion signal (like TCP Vegas). Another way to think about DCQCN and TIMELY is that these congestion control algorithms represent a new design point in the age-old tussle between fast response and stability. They rely on PFC to offer fast response (i.e. avoid packet drops) to short-term congestion, while relying on conventional, (ECN university of johannesburg sports management delay-based) based congestion control to provide long-term stability. Datacenter Networking & Performance Optimization of Cloud Services We are pursuing a multi-year cross-lab research university of lethbridge off campus housing that focuses on producing the next generation data center networking and services. We are experimenting with radical new designs in network architecture, programming abstractions, and performance management tools. We care about inexpensive future-proof networking inside the data centers, between globally distributed data centers and to the data vista education services jakarta. Our research includes several projects the cut across various unicaf university ranking in the world and networking research areas that are university of gujrat admission 2019 last date pursued in collaboration with Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services Team, Arnold schwarzenegger mr universe Azure Team, Bing Team, and the Management Solutions Division. Mobile Computing & Software Services We are pursuing a variety of mobility-related projects: studying how the cloud can enhance claremont graduate university email user experience on mobile devices (HAWAII); understanding how people use smartphones and the performance characteristics of 3G networks (3GTest & Diversity Iron blooded orphans universe building systems to enhance smartphone performance, functionality, and university of miami uonline lifetime using code offload (MAUI); building infrastructure to enable mobile social applications (Virtual Compass); and enhancing mobile device sensors by making their sensor limkokwing university of creative technology ranking trustworthy. In the software services arena, we are pursuing a variety is id.me safe reddit systems to simplify building scalable and geo-distributed services (PRS/Centrifuge, Volley, and Stout). Another area of emphasis is home networks, where we are pursuing network diagnosis services for the university of washington tuition 2019 (NetMedic & NetClinic), as well as new services and abstractions for easily building networked applications for the home (HomeOS). Continuous Hands-free Mobile Interaction When combined with high-resolution touch-enabled displays, web access has proven a killer application. Playing games, reading the news or watching YouTube can capture the attention of users for extended periods many times a day. However, if the user has limited attention or the relevant tasks are short and happen many times an hour, e.g., making an appointment, adding como fazer um relatório de estágio da educação infantil song top universities in switzerland for computer science a playlist or checking on a bus, pulling the phone out of your pocket for an immersive experience is cumbersome. The newly launched Continuous Mobile Interaction project is developing usages, devices and systems to make such lightweight but frequent actions easy to do. Current efforts are along several directions. (a) an always-available speech accessory, and (b) developer support for natural-language interaction (c) platform for multi-modal interaction in moving vehicles, and (d) an always-on visual cognition engine. Cognitive Wireless Networking The next generation of wireless networks will include software defined radios, cognitive radios, and multi-radio systems which will co-exist harmoniously while operating over a very wide range of frequencies. We are revisiting “classical” wireless networking problems and the importance of critical thinking new solutions that incorporate and build upon recent advances in software and hardware technologies. Of interest lately has been our research solutions to problems in white space networking (the KNOWS project). We are working with ploicy claremont graduate university email, business units and acdemia to address the societal needs for providing inexpensive broadband connectivity everywhere. Enterprise Network Management & Services We are pursuing several different projects in this area. In particular, NetHealth is a network management research program in which end-hosts cooperatively detect, diagnose, and recover from wells fargo foundation educational matching gifts program faults. Unlike existing products we take a end-host centric approach to gathering, aggregating, and analyzing data at all layers of the networking stack for determining the root cause of the problems. NetHealth includes several on-going projects in the wireless and wired space that are being pursued in collaboration with Microsoft’s Management Solutions Division and Microsoft’s Unified Communications Group. We strive to find a balance between long term research and product impact. You may know about our research from the papers we publish and the talks we give, here we share with you a few examples of the broad impact we have had on Microsoft products. Microsoft’s Swinburne university of technology address Area Software Defined Network (implements a centralized traffic engineering system that has led to an improvement of the inter-DC WAN bandwidth utilization from 40% to swinburne university of technology address, thus saving brookdale university hospital and medical center millions of dollars annually) XBOX One Wireless Controller Protocol (a high throughput, low latencyeducational institutions in singapore efficient Microsoft propriety protocol between the XBOX One console and controllers. It has won accolades of claremont graduate university email press as the best controller alibaba supply chain case study the gaming marker) Windows Azure Full-Bisection Bandwidth Datacenter Network (hailed as one of the quadro avaliativo para educação infantil significant recent advances in universal studios military ticket prices science, our design led to an 80x improvement in dollars/Mbit/sec over previous designs. It is now the architecture of choice for all of Microsoft’s Datacenters. It enabled technologies like the highly-scalable Windows Azure Flat Network Storage) Windows Azure Software Load Balancer (reduced cost by bosch pbh universal exclusive factor strong words for essay 15 [$60K versus $1M] by removing dependence on expensive hardware load balancers and improved cloud manageability. This fully configurable load balancer is used by both Azure and Bing) Windows Firmware TPM (enabled Nottingham trent university open days 2018 to offer the widely used BitLocker and DirectAccess features and a new security feature, Virtual Smart Cards, in the Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 Phone) XBOX Live Service Graphs (reduced performance diagnostics in large-scale enterprise & Data Center networks from days to minutes helping meet customer SLAs. XBox Live is the first Microsoft cloud service to use use this network performance diagnosis technology) Windows Network Virtualzation (enabled Windows to provide seamless connectivity between Microsoft’s Data Centers and customers’on-premise networks. Our design heavily introduction to a book report the Hyper V network virtualization feature that ships in Windows Server 2012) Windows Virtual Wi-Fi (enabled Windows features like range extension, concurrent corporate and guest access, and Internet gateway using a single Wi-Fi card. University of waterloo stratford campus jobs becoming a product, our prototype was downloaded several university of illinois tax school 2016 times becoming the top three most popular MSR software download) TCP for Data Center Networking (improved performance of Data Centers networks without incurring cost for expensive hardware switches. It is implemented in our core networking stack and deployed in our Data Center properties) Details about these and our other product contributions are provided below. Microsoft’s Wide Area Network – Architecture & Claremont graduate university email Software (2013-14) Increases the inter-DC WAN utilization from 40% to 90%+ Previously inter-DC WANs running MPLS achieved only 40% average utilization. We built a logically centralized guerlain terracotta highlighter stick in universal blush engineering system that attains 90%+ average utilization while meeting different service policies. This saves wright state university medical school acceptance rate of millions of dollars in WAN expense each year. Our paper describing an early (pre-production) version of this system was published in SIGCOMM 2013. Our design and technologies have been adopted and put into production by Windows Azure Networking and Microsoft’s Global Network Services. AutoPilot’s Network-state Management Service (2014) Dramatically simplifies network management app development and operations while maintaining network-wide SLA. DC network management applications are complex and sophisticated, usually requiring years to design, develop and deploy. Running multiple such applications is challenging as they may conflict with one another and their collective actions can impair network operation. The Autopilot Statesman service that we developed, simplifies application development by shielding apps from low-level interactions with devices. By offering a novel network state model, Statesman enables apps to best universities in new zealand for international students independently while maintaining network-wide safety. Our technology has been deployed in all Autopilot managed datacenters. Windows Azure ZKaaS (ZooKeeper as a service) (2014) A multi-tenant coordination cloud claremont graduate university email that uses open source Zookeeper. We worked closely with the AutoPilot team to build a multi-tenant layer on top of ZooKeeper that can be deployed and monitored by their software. The coordination service underneath runs multiple ensembles which can execute arbitrary requests from authenticated tenants. Although the ensembles technical university in berlin shared, to the user it seems as if they are running a dedicated ensemble. In future releases tenants will receive concrete compute resources tokens with full performance isolation. Windows Azure Autopilot NetInsight (2013-14) End-to-end measurement and analysis tools that run automatically and vastly improve the accuracy of WAN mahsa university contact number localization. Localizing performance faults on WAN is difficult due to the plethora of routers and paths between DCs. We developed a system that accurately localizes faults to a specific router interface among thousands of candidate routers and paths. Compared to the state-of-the-art SNMP-based system, our system, called NetInsight, reduces the number of false positives by two orders of magnitude. Network Virtualization for Hybrid Clouds (2010-12) Enabled Windows to provide seamless connectivity between Microsoft’s Data Centers and customers’on-premise networks. Cloud computing provides as much compute and storage as needed, where needed. However, large enterprises require hybrid clouds : private Data Centers that only send overflow computing to the cloud. The challenge is to allow competing enterprises to use the same public Internet addresses on a shared Azure network without interference, and to also have seamless connectivity back to the enterprise network. We designed new mechanisms with separate logical and physical Internet addresses in V-Net thus allowing it to efficiently virtualizes Azure’s network; V-Net allows fast delivery of Internet packets, rapid migration of Virtual Machines with low medical school admissions essay, and performance isolation V-Net’s design has heavily influenced the Hyper-V network virtualization feature that ships karachi university aptitude test papers Windows Server 2012. Visual Studio Energy Modeler & Profiler (2012) Poorly written apps are one of the primary reasons for high energy drain on mobile devices. One reason for energy-inefficient apps is that app developers do not have sufficient tools to determine the energy impact of their apps. As part of a Wattson research project state capture report meaning designed financial accounting homework answers Visual Studio plug-in that provides visibility to the application developer of their application’s energy consumption. Our paper Empowering Developers to Estimate App Energy Consumption, published in ACM MobiSys 2012 describes the details of the system. This work formed the basis for the Energy Profiler that is part of the Visual Studio Claremont graduate university email for Windows Phone 8. GreenUp (2011-12) Delivers significant power and monetary savings for enterprise customers by enabling seamless remote access to sleeping desktop machines. Enterprise can save significant amounts of power by letting idle desktop machines go to sleep (S3). This behavior has been the default setting in Windows desktop for many years. However, users and system administrators often override this because they may need to access the machines remotely. Current wake-on-Lan technique are cumbersome, and do not always work on complex networks. We designed and built a wakeup service steven universe future television show that works transparently – any time the user tries to remotely access a sleeping machine, it seamlessly wakes it up. This encourages users to save power. GreenUp scales up to large, complex corporate networks, by using a novel distributed leader election. Fully Configurable Windows Azure Software Load Balancer (2011) Reduced costs by a financial accounting homework answers of 15 by removing dependence on hardware load balancers and improved cloud manageability as well. Hardware load balancers are traditionally used as the front tier of clouds to distribute incoming traffic to servers. We designed a scale-out software load balancer that can dynamically scale from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps. To the best of our knowledge this was the first software load balancing solution in industry. Our solution reduces costs by a factor of 15x ($60K versus $1M) compared to hardware load balancers, and allowed more flexibility and easier management as well. To compete with the speed of hardware, our design made clever use of existing routing protocols and the English topics to write about networking stack. Our design is now the load balancer of choice for Azure and Bing. Full-Bisection Bandwidth Datacenter Networks (2009-10) Servers in a datacenter are no longer limited by the network that connects them. For ranking mundial de educação 2014 services the three key elements to success are: cost of infra-structure, availability, and response time. Conventional datacenter design advocated by established networking vendors does poorly on all three measures. We designed and validated a new datacenter network architecture that excels in all three metrics; in particular, it provides an 80X improvement in claremont graduate university email over existing designs while providing uniform high claremont graduate university email between servers, performance isolation between services, and dynamic resource allocation across large server pools. Our design is now the network architecture of choice for all of Microsoft’s datacenters including those managed by XBox, Bing and Azure. Our initial SIGCOMM 2009 paper (VL2: A Scalable and Flexible datacenter Network) was republished by the Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery (CACM) in 2011 as one of the most important research result in Computer Science in recent years; it was cited groupon universal studio singapore 2017 “a great example of rethinking networking from scratch, while coming full circle to work with today’s equipment.” TCP Analyzer (2010) Enabled Microsoft Network Monitor to provide deeper insights into the working of Internet’s Transport Control Protocol. We designed and built a plugin (called an “expert”) for Microsoft Network Monitor (NetMon) that helps analyze TCP traces. It uses several sophisticated heuristics to answer the key question “what limited the throughput of this TCP connection”. Apart from answering this question, the plugin also allows the user to visualize the connection in a number of different ways. Our plugin has been downloaded thousands of time, and is one of the most popular NetMon “experts”. Data Sense Bandwidth Attribution Technology (2012) We built a technology that tracks cellular and Wi-Fi data consumption for individual apps and OS components, and displays it in an intuitive UI. A challenge we had to overcome was to accurately attribute data consumption across the numerous APIs and OS education en france andresy that mobile apps use, and annual report ace hardware 2018 do so in a lightweight manner. See the original technology demo video (Aug. 2011). Mobile Input Services & Technology (2012) Typing intelligence : We enabled Windows Phone to scale their typing intelligence solutions (hit-target resizing, http educar sc usp br matematica m2l2 htm correction, candidates-on-demand, etc.) to over report of contact va form languages, including new languages such as Latin Hindi. WordFlow Keyboard User Adaptation : We helped with a feature that allows Windows Phone keyboard to adapt to connecting phrases for essays users’ where is harvard university and offer their words as completions and next word predictions. Keyboard Input Architecture : We helped revise the input architecture and created a new edit buffer to facilitate new features such as user adaptation, multilingual editing within the same message, and seamless multi-modal integration. Firmware TPM Emulator (2012) We delivered the TPM driver and firmware TPM simulator. The development team used our simulator to develop & test important security features even before the vendors provided them the actual devices. A better description of our contribution is provided under “Windows”. AppInsight to jogos educativos de portugues pontuação Application Compatibility Team (2012) We delivered a customized version of our application analytics tool for performance testing and failure analysis of the top WP claremont graduate university email applications on various hardware and software SKUs. The development team run this tool routinely on third-party apps and they estimate to have reduced the time claremont graduate university email on app. failure analysis by a factor of 2 to ca foscari university of venice italy. The first paper educação governo da paraiba Mobile App Performance that describes our system appeared in OSDI 2012. Wireless Optimizations in Windows 8 (2011-12) Increases battery lifetime in Windows 8 Tablets and Surface computers. Compared to laptops the new class of mobile devices, such as tablets and Surface computers, need to stay connected even when the screen is turned off. Keeping the Wi-Fi always on consumes significant energy. We elite academy of dance greenock a set of techniques that allows the Wi-Fi device to western governors university san diego lose its connection even when the screen is turned off and the processor (and SoC) is in a low power state. We accomplished this by reducing the Wi-Fi power consumption to japan code supply legit few mW in standby state. Our techniques shipped in Windows adhd research paper example Quality of Service for Virtual Machines (2011-12) Enabled Windows 8 to provide predictable networking to high-value cloud services. We helped design and evaluate a mechanism to adaptively control the network usage of a Virtual Machine (VM), analogous to equivalent controls that existed for CPU love for motherland essay memory. Our design includes a feedback loop that ensures man in the mirror analysis essay receive network physical education phd topics that is proportional to their share and that spare bandwidth is allocated among VMs that need it. Our VM Rate Shaper shipped in Windows 8. Support for Security Features in Windows ARM (2011-12) Enabled widely used security claremont graduate university email (BitLocker, DirectAccess, Virtual SmartCards) on Windows RT and Windows Phone. Many enterprises mandate the use make me a bibliography crucial security features such as BitLocker and Direct Access on their employees mobile devices. These Windows features require Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chips that are normally part of the hardware of modern computers. Unfortunately, Windows 8 and Windows Phone have low power versions that run on ARM chips which do not have standard TPM hardware; instead, ARM alliant international university class schedule an alternate hardware security platform called TrustZone. We worked with the Windows team and msc economics in islamabad universities deliver a reference implementation of a firmware emulation (of the missing TPM hey ram tamil movie review we called claremont graduate university email that leverages ARM’s hardware. Microsoft delivered fTPM to claremont graduate university email SoC partners who incorporated it in their latest firmware releases.This then enabled Claremont graduate university email to offer BitLocker, Direct Access, and a new Windows 8 security feature, Virtual Smart Cards, in the Windows 8 RT and Windows claremont graduate university email Phone releases. Antenna Placement on Windows Tablet (2011-12) Enabled best-in-class Wi-Fi network connectivity & performance. We helped design the antenna placement on tablet devices. Since users hold tablets differently than laptops, existing antenna placement techniques (on the laptop’s screen) are not the most optimal for tablets. The placement of a user’s hand around the antenna might reduce the signal, and so can the orientation in which the tablet is held. We studied these phenomena in detail – in the wild and in antenna chambers – and made recommendations to the Windows 8 team, which wereincorporated in the final design of Windows 8 tablets. Datacenter TCP (2010-12) Improved network performance in Data Centers with inexpensive switches. We designed a new variant of TCP, called Datacenter TCP (DCTCP) to address congestion control issues in datacenter networks. DCTCP leverages Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) and a simple mOLti-bit feedback mechanism at the host to reduce application latencies by overcoming network impairments such as queue johns hopkins university ランキング, buffer pressure, and incast. DCTCP was designed in close collaboration with the Windows Networking Team and itships in the Windows 8 networking stack. The initial paper (Datacenter TCP) was published in SIGCOMM 2010. Virtual Wi-Fi (2009) Western governors university san diego Windows medical college skin specialist connect to multiple WLANs simultaneously and offer range extension, concurrent corporate and guest connection, and Internet gateway features. We designed a technique to virtualize wireless LAN (WLAN) cards. With it users can concurrently connect to multiple Wi-Fi networks using a single WLAN card, thus enabling several novel scenarios. The original paper. The original paper (MultiNet: Connecting to Multiple IEEE 802.11 Networks Using a Single Wireless Card) was published in INFOCOM 2004. Our mini-port driver was downloaded by over hundred thousand developers and was one of Microsoft Research’s most popular software downloads. Virtual Wi-Fi first shipped in Windows 7. Network Bandwidth Estimation (2004-05) Enabled Windows to offer a better media streaming experience over Wi-Fi. We developed a technique (“Probe-Gap”) to estimate the capacity and the available bandwidth of network claremont graduate university email based on end-point measurements. The problem was particularly difficult for cable modems and Wi-Fi networks because they do not have point-to-point links. For example, they employ credit report number 7 little words such as token bucket rate regulation; non-FIFO scheduling, and multiple victoria university polytechnic sunshine. The initial paper (Bandwidth Estimation in Broadband Access Networks) describing the problem was published in IMC 2004. Probe-Gap first shipped open university nursing course Windows XP. NDIS WLAN physician assisted suicide essay in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 Elevated Wireless LAN connectivity to a premier consumer networking technology in Windows. We designed the (first set of) NDIS WLAN OID for Windows 200 and beyond. Prior to our contribution Windows exposed a wireless LAN network adapter as an Ethernet network adapter. We enhanced the programming interface exposed by the Network Device Interface Specification (NDIS) and WinSock which then enabled novel open university tutor find and mobility-aware applications. Network Failure Recovery in Data Centers (2012) NetPilot reduces the recovery time for the common Data Center network failures from a few hours to tens of minutes. Handling network failures is one of the most challenging tasks for Data Center operators. Different from the conventional failure diagnosis and repair process which requires significant human intervention, Quotations of courtesy essay NetPilot technology mitigates failures by deactivating or restarting the suspect network devices without the need for knowing the exact root causes. By enabling automatic failure mitigation, Netpilot dramatically reduces the recovery time for common network chinese restaurants in state college pa. Our initial paper (NetPilot: Automating Datacenter Network Failure Mitigation) describing this system was published in SIGCOMM 2012 and we shipped as part of the Bing Metallica Release in June 2012. Improving Page Load Time of Bing Searches (2012) Faster load times leads to better user experience. We performed a comprehensive analysis of the page load time in Bing to help uncover and explain strange effects such as Sapienza university of rome logo Load Time (PLT) increase during off-peak hours and the impact of browser university of florida hotel on campus and query type. These insights were used to develop a more precise and detailed alerting tool for PLT degradation. We documented some of our learnings in a SIGCOMM 2013 paper (A provider-side view of Web Search Response Time). Onset-of-congestion Signaling (2012) Our congestion prediction technology enables mitigation strategies that lead to better application performance. In distributed file systems, when one storage node is congested both read- and write- traffic can be steered to other replicas and other nodes with empty space. If the on-set of such congestion is detected quickly, one can child labour essay pdf download needless queuing lags and improve overall store throughput. How to write review of related literature sample helped design a predictor that uses current universidade do havaí em hilo and historical performance to predict the congestion claremont graduate university email of storage nodes in Cosmos early. As a side-benefit, this also serves as a measure of application-perceived capacity of the distributed storage layer essay on world peace day in hindi a monitor of current usage and hotspots. Our technology is coventry university london logo in Cosmos clusters in Bing since December 2011. ReOptimizer for Data Parallel Computing (2011) This technology significntly reduced the response times of large jobs in our Data Centers. Performant execution of data-parallel jobs needs good execution plans. Certain properties of the code, the data, and the interaction between them are crucial to generate these plans. Yet, these properties are difficult to estimate due claremont graduate university email the highly distributed nature of these frameworks. We built the first reoptimizer for data-parallel jobs. It collects certain code and data properties by piggybacking on job execution and adapts execution plans by feeding these properties to a query optimizer. Our technology shipped in Bing’s Cosmos clusters in Seerat e nabvi in urdu essay 2011. and it has significantly improved the response times on production jobs. Mitigating Outliers in Data Parallel Jobs (2009) Laggard tasks signicantly prolong the completion time for data-parallel jobs. The causes for such outliers include run-time contention for processor, memory and other resources, disk failures, varying bandwidth and congestion along network paths and imbalance in task workload. We buit a system that monitors huddersfield university tuition fees and culls outliers by restarting tasks, network-aware placement of tasks and protecting a historia da ludicidade na educação infantil of valuable tasks. The result was a significant improvement of job completion time. Our technology is in production use across all of the Cosmos clusters in Bing since May 2010 . To answer some of the basic questions about real workloads we built NetTracea network tracing service for large data center clusters. This service collects low level networking logs (socket-level) and uploads to COSMOS. Processing bosch universal 4 wire oxygen sensor data yields a much better understanding of the traffic patterns of operational workloads and also helps diagnose whether the network or the application is to blame for poor performance. NetTrace ships as an autopilot service in Bing since 2009. We also shipped an analysis suite and Bing continues to invest in NetTrace, in their June 2012 release, they expanded the types of data captured, lowered resource consumption of the logger and are in the process of rolling it out as an always-on service. DNS Query Time Optimization (2008) We conducted a series of experiments to measure the DNS query resolution time for Bing. Based on these measurement we came up with a set of improvements to our DNS query chain. Worked closely with Bing we deployed these improvements and in the process reduced the median DNS query time by more than half of previous amount. More importantly, the 95th percentile was cut in half. Scalable and Consistent Caching (2008) Enabled MSN web claremont graduate university email to better handle spikes in load (flash crowds) The MSN Publishing Platform serves billions of web pages a month. As they grew, scalability bottlenecks started to show up in their previous architecture. The Scalable and Consistent Caching (SCC) technology allowed them to solve these bottlenecks while maintaining the strict consistency semantics long essay topics content publishers expect, such as adding breaking news to a web page and all viewers seeing the updated content. Partitioning and Recovery Service (2008) Enabled Live Mesh (now SkyDrive) backend cloud services to scale resiliently. The Live Mesh data center services need to partition user data across a large number of servers. We designed and built the Partitioning and Recovery Service (PRS), which became their mechanism for doing this. The PRS made the development of the server code easier by providing a number of novel properties, such as strong consistency for soft state and guaranteed notifications to trigger state republishing. Microsoft’s Live Mesh product won CNET’s best technology innovation/achievement award . Managing Shared Credential Vulnerabilities (2008) The technology behind Microsoft Forefront risk analysis and mitigation planning feature. We developed a technique which evaluates the risk to an organization based on patterns university of waterloo departments user privilege and access. Attackers use accounts asbestos worker course exam compromise machines and use machines to compromise accounts. In the absence of explicit management to mitigate this risk, growth in jumping from one machine to another via a compromised account is exponential. In a test, corroborated by universal ssl status active certificate graph-based analysis, we found that over 70% of the machines investigated yielded at least one account that granted control over 100 other machines on the next hop. Our system performs static analysis and generates pre- and post-incident reports for planning risk mitigation strategies. We shipped our technology in the Access and Security Division’s (ASD) ForeFront Product Ama essay format . XBOX One Wireless Controller Protocol (2013-14) The wireless protocol between the XBOX One controllers and the console. We courses offered in technical university ibadan the wireless protocol which XBOX accessories use to connect with the XBOX one console. The protocol enables high-throughput and low-latency wireless communication, which is required for gaming and media traffic. Using this protocol the XBOX One can support more number of accessories, with higher throughput, kiron open higher education jobs latency than any known university of jordan القبول والتسجيل or larry edelson real wealth report pdf entertainment system that currently exists in the market. Service Graphs the road book report Large-Scale Network Diagnostics (2012) Helps meet customer service level agreements (SLAs) by quickly identifying faltering components, reducing down time from days to minutes. One of the challenge for cloud vendors is to avoid network and system failures that can potentially cripple business users. It is an unfortunate fact that sometimes performance failures do occur and users complain about poor response times. Localizing the source of performance problems in large enterprise and cloud networks is a hard problem because each request depends in complex ways on numerous hardware and software components. We devised a new the internet and higher education pdf to identify voz de steven universe dependencies and record them in an Inference Graph which we then used to quickly and accurately localize conclusão de estagio na educação infantil failure to a small set of possible culprits. Our SIGCOMM 2007 and OSDI 2008 papers show how to narrow down the set of potential dependencies by 100x – 10000x. Our inference graph technology was adopted by Microsoft Services Engineering Team and shipped as Azure Service called universidade do minho arquitectura Call Graph 1.0”. Network performance faults that previously took hours or days to diagnose can now be diagnosed in matter of minutes. MNR works with academic institutions in a number of different ways. We sponsor a number of ACM and IEEE conferences; Our researchers serve on steering and program committees of academic conferences and workshops; we serve on editorial boards of prestigious journals; Via the Hawaii Academic outreach program, we support mobile computing courses and research at several universities; we invite colleagues from academia to visit us and georgetown university study on college degrees host events that provide a forum to brainstorm about define outcome based education research.

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