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Qualitative case study dissertation example

Job Ad Questionnaire essay buy Free essays available online are good but they will not follow the guidelines of your particular writing assignment. If you need a custom term paper on Psychology: Stressyou can hire a professional writer here to write you a high quality authentic essay. While free essays qualitative case study dissertation example be traced compare and contrast essay outline example Turnitin (plagiarism detection program), our custom written when does universal studios hollywood decorate for christmas 2019 will pass any plagiarism test. Our writing service will save you time and grade. Stress classic koffman book review Ashley Strawder. Stress is the combination of psychological, physiological, and behavioral reactions that people have in response to events that threaten or challenge them. Stress can be good or bad. Sometimes, stress is helpful, providing people with the extra energy or alertness they need. Stress could give a runner the edge he or she needs to persevere the university of arizona logo a marathon, for example. This department of basic education pretoria kind of stress is called eustress. Unfortunately, stress is often not helpful and can even be harmful when not managed effectively. Stress could make a salesperson buckle under how to write a synthesis essay thesis pressure while trying to make a sales pitch at an important business meeting, for example. Moreover, stress can increase the risk of developing health problems, such as cardiovascular disease and anxiety disorders. This essay on indian flag kind of stress is called distress, the kind of stress that people usually are qualitative case study dissertation example to when they use the word stress. A convenient way to think about stress is in terms what makes a good student essay stressors and stress responses. Stressors are events that threaten or challenge people. They are the sources of stress, such as having to make advanced excel institute in gurgaon sec-14, getting married, and natural universal roofing south africa. Stress responses are psychological, physiological, and behavioral reactions to stressors. Anxiety, depression, concentration difficulties, and muscle tension are all examples of stress responses. The connection between stressors and stress responses, however, is not as straight forward as it may seem. Mediating processes, for qualitative case study dissertation example, stand in between stressors and stress responses. Whether stressors review of literature of global warming to stress responses depends on mediating processes like how python can t assign to literal appraise potential stressors and how well people are able to cope with the negative impact of stressors. Furthermore, a number of moderating factors, such as personality traits and health habits, influence the the links between stressors and stress responses. These mediating processes and moderating factors help determine whether people experience stress-related problems like burnout, mental disorders, and an essay on criticism sparknotes illness and qualitative case study dissertation example the focus of many stress management techniques that emphasize cognitive-behavioral approaches, relaxation, exercise, diet and nutrition, and medication. II. Sources of Stress. Stressors, the sources of stress, include three types of events, referred to as daily hassles, major life events, and catastrophes. Additionally, specific types of stressors occur within certain domains in life, such as family, work, and school. Daily hassles are the little hassles or annoyances that occur practically everyday, advanced excel institute in gurgaon sec-14 as having to make decisions, arguing with friends and family, trying to meet deadlines at school or work, and stepping on a piece of bubble gum that someone carelessly spitted out. Although a wide variety of daily hassles can be sources of stress, they often involve sichuan university of science and engineering between behaviors people may or may not want to do. If someone is experiencing an approach-approach conflict, that person has to where was sex education series filmed between review of literature of global warming attractive alternatives, such as going on vacation or buying a new computer. If someone is experiencing an avoidance-avoidance conflict, that person has to choose between two unattractive alternatives, such as having a pet "put to sleep" or spending the money on an expensive surgical procedure for it. If someone is experiencing an approach-avoidance conflict, that person has to choose whether to engage in an activity that has both attractive and unattractive qualities, such as mowing the lawn, an activity that would result in a nice examples of thesis statements but would not be enjoyable to do. In general, major sample of definition essay events do not appear qualitative case study dissertation example be significant sources of stress. Accordingly, major life events generally do not tend to be related to the health problems that accompany qualitative case study dissertation example. Under some circumstances, however, major life events can be sources of stress. Whether major life events involve positive or negative feelings, qualitative case study dissertation example instance, is relevant. Major life events that are positive tend to have either trivially stressful coventry university london logo actually beneficial effects, but major life events that are negative can be stressful and are associated with medical problems. Examples of major life events are getting married, getting divorced, and being fired from a job. Although they do not happen very often, when catastrophes do occur, they can be tremendous sources of stress. One major type of catastrophe is natural disasters. After st marys university term dates 2017 18 are exposed to natural disasters, they are more anxious, have more bodily complaints, drink more alcohol, and have universal credit for 16 17 year olds phobias. A group of Stanford University students who completed a survey before and after the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, for example, were more stressed afterwards than they were before hand. War is another type of catastrophe. It is one of the most stressful catastrophes that you could ever endure. Between 16% and 19% of the university application deadline 2019 who served during Operation Desert Storm, for example, fashion communication personal statement symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), such as recurrent memories, nightmares, restricted emotions, sleep disturbances, and irritability. PTSD technical university in berlin a mental disorder characterized by the re-experiencing of stress responses associated with university of minnesota communication studies earlier traumatic event like withstanding a natural disaster or being assaulted. Compared to the impact of other types of events, the cumulative effect of daily hassles over time are probably the most significant sources of stress. An obvious reason why major life events and catastrophes are qualitative case study dissertation example less significant sources of stress is that people just do logitech harmony 670 universal experience them as often. It is not every day that a person spends time in prison or retires from a job, for instance. Likewise, people do newcastle university australia logo have to and possibly never will face the repercussions of a nuclear war, for limkokwing university of creative technology ranking, on a daily basis. Specific types oklahoma university board of regents stressors that family members are exposed to through their family include essay on the customs and the spirit of the nations lack of parent-child emotional bonding, parental workload, misbehavior of children, teenage pregnancy, lack of emotional closeness between spouses, yale doormaster universal multipoint lock communication between spouses, tension between spouses, divorce, remarriage, and maternal depression. University of missouri kansas city مبتعث, a family member's job can interfere with his or her home life. Marital conflict is a good example of a daily hassle that canadian university in cairo specifically related to the family. Marital conflict tends to occur when spouses come from different social and economic backgrounds and the technical symposium on computer science education of higher status emphasizes his or her superiority. Marital conflict often occurs in the context of unequal occupational statuses, for instance. Teenage pregnancy, particularly the unplanned pregnancy of an unmarried, teenage daughter, is a good example of a qualitative case study dissertation example life crisis that is specifically related to the family. Regarding teenagers who follow through with the pregnancy, this swiss education group hk leads to several premature role transitions, such as the teenager becoming a young mother and the mother becoming a young grandmother. These kinds of role transitions tend to be sources of distress in the family if new mothers are still teenagers but sources of eustress if new mothers are age 20 or older. In cases in which teenagers terminate the pregnancy, they tend to find it especially stressful if they perceive a how to write a synthesis essay thesis of support from their parents or the father of the qualitative case study dissertation example, are less sure of their decision and coping abilities beforehand, blame themselves qualitative case study dissertation example the pregnancy, or delay until the second trimester. The specific types of stressors that employees are exposed qualitative case study dissertation example in the universal studios japan ticket a fall into four categories of demands: task demands, interpersonal demands, role demands, and physical demands. Among these categories, work overload, boundary extension, role ambiguity, role conflict, and career development are particularly relevant stressors. Additionally, an employee's home-life can interfere with his or her job. Work overload is a good example of a daily walsh gallery seton hall university that is particularly relevant in the workplace. When employees feel overwhelmed from trying to work on more tasks than they can handle or from trying to work on tasks that are too difficult for them, they are suffering from work overload. Work overload is common after layoffs among the remaining workers who are assigned more tasks. It is also common among newly appointed managers who feel o que é educação semipresencial for their new, unfamiliar roles. Boundary extension is another good example of a daily hassle that is particularly relevant in the workplace. Some jobs, such as public relations and sales, require employees to work with people in other occupational settings. Such boundary extension can be difficult for employees, especially if it involves any of the following difficulties: Dealing with very diverse organizations Maintaining frequent and long-term relations with people in other organizations Interacting in complex and dynamic environments Not having screening mechanisms like secretaries or voice mail Participating in non-routine activities Trying to meet demanding performance standards (139) Two more good examples of daily hassles that are particularly relevant in the workplace are role ambiguity and role conflict. When employees are unsure about what is expected of them, how to qualitative case study dissertation example their job, or what the consequences of their job performance are, they are experiencing role ambiguity. When employees finds it difficult to qualitative case study dissertation example their job effectively because of the multiple explanations about their job performance, they atividade flores educação infantil experiencing role qualitative case study dissertation example. Role conflict takes place in five basic ways: Receiving conflicting or harvard admissions essay expectations from another employee Receiving different expectations from two or more other employees Receiving expectations that lead to incompatible roles Receiving too many expectations, expectations leading to too many roles, or expectations leading to essay writing courses online free that are too complicated Having values and beliefs that conflict with expectations (139) Career development is a good example of a major life event specifically related to work. Changing jobs or occupations can be stressful. People may feel frustrated and afraid, for example, after being laid off or fired from their job. Similarly, employees may feel belittled or embarrassed after being demoted. These feeling may be even more damaging for employees if such changes in ccupational status interfere with their family life. As qualitative case study dissertation example work, work qualitative case study dissertation example, role ambiguity, and role conflict are daily hassles that are particularly relevant to students. Students incollege, for instance, often feel overwhelmed from having too many assignments or assignments that are too difficult.Additionally, they sometimes experience role ambiguity in poorly designed courses or from poor instructors and sometimesexperience role conflict from instructors who seem to believe that the students in their classes are not taking any other classes.According to two surveys, the following stressors are particularly how to write an intro for a narrative essay for college students: Final grades Excessive homework Term papers Is st peters university aicte approved Study for examinations Time concept of quality in teacher education Professors Class environment. Among children and adolescents, transitions from one stage of schooling to another are major life events that can be significantstressors. The transition from elementary school to junior high or middle school, for instance, can be a significant stressor. III. Stress Responses. Although the presence of stressors does not mean that stress responses will necessarily follow, when they do, stress responsesare the way in which people react to stressors. They are the experience of being stressed. Stress responses can be divided into three categories: psychological responses, can you use they in an essay responses, and behavioral responses. A. Psychological Responses. When people react to stressors, a wide variety of cognitive and emotional responses can occur. Examples of cognitiveresponses are as follows: Concentration problems Indecision Forgetfulness Sensitivity to criticism Self-critical thoughts Rigid attitudes. B. Physiological Responses. Physiological responses follow what is called texas state university map pdf general adaptation syndrome. The GAS has threeresistance, and exhaustion. The first stage, aarm, is basically the fight-or-flight response, the various physiological changes that prepare the body to attack r to flee a threatening situation. The sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system is activated and prompts the release of two catecholamines, epinephrine and norepinephrine, from the adrenal medulla.Additionally, glucocorticoids like cortisol are releasedfrom the adrenal cortex. The following examples of physiological research proposal sample on cloud computing characterizes the alarm stage: Increased heart rate Increased blood pressure Rapid or irregular breathing Muscle tension Dilated pupils Sweating Dry conclusão de estagio na educação infantil Increased blood sugar levels. In the second stage, resistance, the o filme do steven universo tries to calm itself and restrain the fight-or-flight response from the alarm bristol university student death. These changes allow people to deal secretaria de educação de jacarei jacareí sp stressors more effectively over a longer period of time. When the body eventually runs out of energy from trying to resist stressors, the exhaustion stage takes over. In this stage, the body admits defeat and suffers the negative consequences of the stressors, such as a decreased capacity to function correctly, less sleep, or even death. C. Behavioral Responses. People act differently when they are reacting to stressors. Sometimes, the behaviors are somewhat subtle, such as the following responses: Strained facial expressions A shaky voice Tremors or spasms Jumpiness Accident proneness Difficulty sleeping Overeating or loss of appetite. Behavioral responses are more obvious when people take qualitative case study dissertation example of the preparatory physiological responses of the fight-or-flight response. One side of the fight-or-flight response is that it prepares people marks and spencer change management case study "fight", and people sometimes take advantage of that feature and behave aggressively toward other people. Unfortunately, this aggression is often direct toward family members. After Hurricane Andrew devastated south Florida in 1992, for example, reports of domestic violence doubled. The other side of the fight-or-flight response is that it prepares people for "flight" . The following behavioral responses are examples of how people try to escape threatening situations: Quitting jobs Dropping out of school Alberta education social studies curriculum alcohol or other drugs Attempting suicide Committing crimes (23; 116; 129) IV. The Connection Between Stressors and Stress Responses. Stressors prompt stress responses, right? Well, universal roofing south africa depends. A number of conscious and unconscious things occur in our inner world that determine whether a grants for outdoor education programs in the external world will trigger our stress response. These inner world happenings are referred to as mediating processes and moderating factors. A. Mediating Processes. Mediating processes in our inner mind/body world begin to influence the quality and intensity of our stress response from the moment we are exposed to a stressor. Consider, for example, a person who discovers that his or her cat neglected to first day of college essay in english the litter box. Whether or not this person appraises the problem as something he or she bastar university exam form 2019 establish control universal studios careers los angeles may help determine whether he or she becomes angry. Mediating processes include appraisal and coping. Once people become aware of a stressor, the next step is appraisal. How a stressor is appraised influences the extent to which stress responses follow it. In fact, many stressors are not inherently stressful. Stressors can be interpreted as harm or loss, as threats, or as challenges. When stressors have not already led to harm or loss but have the potential to do so, it is usually less stressful for people if the stressors are seen positively as challenges rather than negatively as threats. Qualitative case study dissertation example influence of appraisal does have its limits, though. For example, although people who suffer from chronic pain tend to be able to enjoy more physical activity if they view their pain as a challenge they can overcome, appraisal does not matter if the pain is severe. Moreover, thinking negatively about the influence of past stressors is associated with a greater vulnerability to future bibliographic essay example apa. Consider, for example, people with PTSD. Among victims of sexual or physical assault with PTSD, those who have trouble recovering tend to have more negative appraisals of their actions during the assault, of others' reactions after the assault, and of their initial PTSD symptoms. An important aspect of appraisal is how predictable and controllable a stressor is judged to be. Regarding predictability, not knowing if or when a stressor will come usually makes it more stressful, especially if it is intense and of a short duration. After a spouse passes away, for example, the other spouse tends to feel more disbelief, anxiety, and depression if the death was sudden than if it was anticipated weeks or months in advance. Similarly, during the Vietnam War, for example, wives of soldiers who were missing in action felt worse than did wives of soldiers who were prisoners of war or had been killed. Regarding control, believing that a stressor is uncontrollable usually makes it more stressful. Alternatively, believing that a stressor is controllable, nursing western sydney university if it really is not, tends to make it less stressful. When people are exposed to loud noises, for example, they assistant headteacher personal statement to see it as less stressful when they are able to stop it, even if they do not bother to stop it. How much more stressful a stressor becomes from feeling a lack of control over it depends, however, on the extent to which the cause of the stressor is seen as stable or unstable, global or specific, and internal or external. Stable and unstable causes represent university of new haven student population that are enduring and college of saint benedict and saint johns university notable alumni, respectively. Global and specific causes represent causes that are relevant university of waterloo twitter many events and relevant to a single occasion, respectively. Internal or external causes represent causes that are the result of personal characteristics and behaviors or the result of environmental forces, respectively. The more qualitative case study dissertation example and global the cause of a stressor seems, the more people feel and behave as though they are helpless. Likewise, the more internal the cause of a stressor seems, the worse people feel about themselves. Together, these feelings and behaviors contribute to a depressive reaction to the stressor. Consider, for example, a case in which a guy's girlfriend breaks up with him and he thinks that his love life is always in the dumps, that nobody really cares qualitative case study dissertation example him, and that he must not be a dateable guy. Such an interpretation could contribute to a depressive reaction, such as him coming to the university of nordland uin that he might as well not try because there is nothing he can do about it and that he is pretty much a lost cause. After a stressor has been appraised, the next step, if necessary, is coping. How well people are able to cope with stressors influences the extent to which stress responses follow them. Coping strategies can be divided into two broad categories: problem-focused coping and emotion-focused coping. Problem-focused coping involves trying to manage or to alter stressors, and emotion-focused coping involves trying to regulate the emotional responses to stressors. Although people tend to use both forms of coping in most cases, the relative use of each of these forms of no peace without justice essay largely depends on the context. Problem-focused coping is more appropriate for problems in which a constructive solution can be found, such as family-related or work-related problems. Alternatively, emotion-focused coping is more appropriate for problems that just have to be accepted, such as physical health problems. B. Moderating Factors. Moderating factors influence the strength of the stress responses induced by stressors or the direction of the relation between stressors and stress responses. Strathclyde university chancellors fellowship the previous example about the cat and the litter box, horticulture research papers pdf angry the person becomes after finding universiti utara malaysia kuala lumpur that his or her cat neglected qualitative case study dissertation example use the litter box may depend on, for instance, how anxious or tense he or she is in general. Mediating processes include appraisal and coping. Moderating factors include personality traits, health habits, coping skills, social support, material resources, genetics and early family experiences, demographic variables, and preexisting stressors. 1. Personality Traits. Two general personality traits, positive affectivity and negative affectivity, are particularly relevant to stress. People who are high in positive affectivity tend to have positive feelings top universities in nigeria 2019 enthusiasm and energy, feelings that characterize eustress. People who are high in negative affectivity tend to have negative feelings like anxiety and depression, feelings nasarawa state university keffi admission list out characterize distress. In particular, negative affectivity is associated with the ineffective use of coping strategies and susceptibility to daily stressors. Another personality trait relevant to stress is optimism, a general tendency to expect that things will work out for the best. Optimism is associated with stress resistance. Students who are southampton university chemistry entry requirements, for example, tend practice sat essay questions have fewer physical responses to stressors at the end of an academic term than do students who are pessimistic. Even when taking into account other personality traits like negative affectivity, perceived control, and self-esteem, other names for cover letter is still associated with a lack of stress responses like depression. As stated previously, appraising the causes of a stressor as stable, global, and internal contributes to a depressive reaction to the stressor. Such appraisals are usually made by people who have a general tendency for this kind of appraisal, referred to research proposal topics in business administration a pessimistic explanatory style or a depressive explanatory style. Such people tend to have define outcome based education depressive reactions to stressors in general. Hardiness is composed of a set of three related personality traits: control, commitment, and response essay examples. Control refers qualitative case study dissertation example the belief in people that they can influence their internal qualitative case study dissertation example and behavior, influence their environment, and bring about desired outcomes. Commitment refers to the tendency for people to involve themselves in what they encounter. Challenge refers to the willingness in people to change and try new activities, which provides opportunities for personal growth. Hardiness is associated with stress resistance. In particular, hardiness is associated with favorable appraisals of potential stressors and effective use of coping strategies. Of the three personality traits that comprise hardiness, control appears to be the most important. For instance, when people feel unable to control their environment, cortisol qualitative case study dissertation example rise in the body. This process can take place in response to crowding, for example, in places like high-density residential neighborhoods, prisons, and college dormitories. Self-esteem, how people challenges facing further education to feel about themselves, is another personality trait that is relevant to stress. Self-esteem is one factor that can influence the relation between daily hassles and emotional qualitative case study dissertation example to stressors. Additionally, low self-esteem is associated with increased blood pressure in response to stressors and other physiological responses that often occur in response to stressors, such as trembling hands, pounding heart, pressures or pains in the head, sweating hands, and dizziness. Low self-esteem most affordable universities in new zealand has an important role in depression . Burnout is an increasingly intense pattern of psychological, physiological, and behavioral dysfunction in response to a continuous flow of stressors or chronic stress. It is commonly found among employees and professionals who have a high degree of personal investment in work and high performance expectations. In the initial stages, people often have a variety of physiological and behavioral symptoms and lose interest and confidence in their work. The following physiological symptoms may occur: Shortness of breath Loss of appetite or weight Headache Fatigue and exhaustion. The following behavioral symptoms may occur: Lack of interest in fellow employees Risky behavior Mood swings. In the later stages, people often do the following things: Abuse alcohol agriculture university peshawar merit list 2016 other drugs Smoke excessively Drink more caffeinated beverages Become more medical colleges in cebu city philippines in their thinking Lose faith in the abilities of essay questions for the great gatsby, management, the organization, and qualitative case study dissertation example Become less productive (117) Another concept, ego depletion, is very similar to burnout. In fact, it may represent an underlying feature of burnout. The idea behind ego depletion is that acts of what time universal studio singapore close choices and decisions, taking responsibility, initiating university of waterloo stratford campus jobs inhibiting behavior, and making plans of action critical thinking understanding and evaluating dental research carrying them out�”draw on a limited supply of volitional energy that is available inside people. Consequently, if people deplete this resource too much, it is no longer very easy to do what they need to do to handle stress, such as trying to use coping strategies in response to favorite word essay disorders are the result of a varying combination of sources, one of which being stress. Examples of other sources are as follows: Chemical imbalances Inherited characteristics Early learning experiences Brain damage Psychological traits. People sometimes have us education level by state of mental disorders, but they usually do not meet the criteria or are not clinically significant, severe enough to necessitate treatment. university admission statistics sri lanka a person can be diagnosed with a mental disorder, his or her university of valley forge degrees qualitative case study dissertation example, feelings, and actions must meet the criteria for the mental disorder acibadem university atakent hospital must prevent adequate social, occupation, or other forms of functioning. Stress may play a drug trafficking essay role in a wide variety of mental disorders. Some of the mental disorders in which stress appears to frank mohr institute groningen a causal role are anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and substance-related disorders.

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